Urban Generic Information Requirements Handbook

This is the training manual designed by the US Navy that deals with urban warfare and combatting civilian rebellions.

The Generic Information Requirements Handbook (GIRH) promulgates frequently used Essential Elements of Information/Priority Intelligence Requirements (EEIs/PIRs) to facilitate rapid, time-sensitive, crisis planning for Marine Expeditionary Forces.

By providing the information requirements of urban operations, this GIRH also assists with intelligence preparation of the battlespace (IPB) and mission planning. Intelligence support for conventional combat operations focuses on identifying the enemy, assessing the terrain, and providing other relevant information. However, intelligence support to urban operations is unique due to the presence of large numbers of noncombatants, man-made terrain features, a highly canalized operational environment and the multidimensional aspect of urban threats. Intelligence staffs can use the GIRH in three ways:

As a check list to determine gaps of information.

As a quick reference to efficiently request information.

As a baseline support tool for those organizations providing operational intelligence to forward deployed naval units.

Urban Generic Information Requirements Handbook


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