A link to a new political movement based on the New World Order. I can’t believe that this shit actually made its way to thousands of followers. It’s this type of compartmentalised thinking that allows people to swallow the lies of this creeping world government. This kind of corporate global governance will mismanage itself into antiquity before it even declares success, and will foster the worst examples of corruption this world has ever seen. Here’s an excerpt from the “About” page:

One People. One Nation. One World.

Earthea is a revolutionary political organization that is committed to building a more peaceful, collaborative, and unified world. We promote the advancement of global democracy and are leading the way in e-governance advocacy. Earthea is working to establish a global nation that is electronically governed by the citizens of the world. Digital democracy will allow for more participation, facilitate transparency, and increase accountability in government.

I don’t see anything good coming from this. With this type of new social networking PR, people will happily throw themselves off of the cliff.




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