Nigeria: IMF Releases U.S.$18.4 Million to Mali

Photo: Stephen Jaffe/IMF

International Monetary Fund’s Managing Director Christine Lagarde, right, listens to IMF Africa Director Antoinette Sayeh.



The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has released $18.4 million to Mali under its Rapid Credit Facility.

In a statement issued in Abidjan on Monday, a copy of which was sent to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the IMF said the amount was approved by its Executive Board.

IMF Mission Chief in Mali, Christian Josz, also briefed newsmen on the disbursement to assist the crisis-ridden country.

Mali is currently involved in a war against terrorists to win back the Northern part of the country which was annexed since March 2012.

French troops are leading a coalition of military contingents from ECOWAS member-states to flush out the invading terrorists.

African leaders had, however, called on the UN, U.S and Europe to lend financial support to the war. (NAN)


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