Citizen’s Guide to Water Privatization

Democratic vs. corporate control of water: a fight for survival 

Perhaps the greatest theft of common resources facing humanity and the planet is the corporate take over of the world’s water. Global capitalists argue that our water scarcity problems will be solved by turning water into an economic good – a commodity to be controlled by global corporations and sold to the highest bidder in international markets. Yet who really believes that corporations, whose very purpose is to increase profits for their shareholders, will improve water conservation, help get clean water to those in need, and provide a water secure future for all of us?

Every crisis provides an opportunity. The world’s fresh water crises may be the most critical area of concern for global justice advocates. Through this movement, anti-capitalists can readily expose the parasitic nature of an economic system that has no morality and is based on turning the planet’s life support systems into short-term profits. The fight to protect the global commons – particularly the world’s precious freshwater sources – is a fight for planetary survival that takes its lead from communities in the Global South where the fight against privatization of water has already become a life or death struggle. The movement for direct democratic control of our most precious resource – water — has the potential to unite the vast majority of people against the forces of corporate greed. It’s not too late to assume collective responsibility for our shared water heritage and spawn a new legacy of responsible, ecologically and socially sustainable, stewardship of our watersheds, but we must act now.

Citizen’s Guide to Water Privatization


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