Grant J. Kidney

The American revolution. The French Revolution. The Russian revolution. Throughout history, revolution has helped to shape political landscapes. It has freed laborers from the clutches of work-slavery. It has inspired countless generations to uphold the mantle, to fight for liberty at all costs.

In today’s world, revolution is a ‘bad word’ that only extreme, ‘bad people’ speak concerning. Thomas Jefferson, were he alive today, would be deemed a very, very bad man (despite the racism, elitism, and sexism which so defined his character).

Now could not be a more fertile time for revolution in the streets. Wealth inequity is so extreme that most data points to only 1% of the planet’s population hording about half of all the money in the world. Nevermind the starving kids of Africa we hear so much about. Every first world country now has its own, unique starving kids problem.

Its a real shame that the U.S.A, the so called ‘greatest country on Earth’ is unable to provide for its own people. Not only has this country’s selfish rulers shipped all of our jobs overseas, but they’ve broken up unions and have made it impossible to procure a somewhat ‘livable’ wage.

I pay $515 per month for a crumby studio apartment. After food and transportation costs, its no wonder fifty million are begging the government for food stamps.

Sure, I’m painting a very grim picture here that most in the unaffected white suburbs would scoff over, but rest assured, no one is safe from the impending collapse of the U.S. money supply. No one. The situation in Germany which paved the route for Nazi take-over is similar to where we’re at now in the United States.

This country’s leadership requires a good, hard smack down, French revolution style. God knows, I know. The problem is that so many lack the balls to actually get out onto the streets and to make a new world possible. Occupy Wall Street achieved a very small success back in 2011, but the movement has since taken the proverbial back seat in recent days. At it’s height although, Occupy sure did put on a show.

Remember scenes like this when Denver cops shot rubber bullets and brutalized the many peaceful Occupy protesters?

The banker pigs who are stealing everyone’s pensions and social security ought to be ashamed of themselves. Moreover, they ought to fear for their lives. I guess it can be said that bankers are their own worst enemies- because the revolutionary dissent they are helping to foment around the world could ultimately seal their fates.

We hear a lot of talk about peaceful resolutions to the problems we now face as a species. While I’m certainly not advocating violence, it is hard to deny how powerful a tool violence can be in winning victory over an extremely small and crooked elite. The fatzos on Wall Street- if drug out onto the streets and violently trampled under foot- would yield to any and all demands as set forth by “the people”.

In the end, making use of peaceful revolution is probably the best idea as it helps to procure a more peaceful future. How hypocritical would it be after all to forge a society based on violent revolution? This is how the U.S. was started and look where it ultimately got us.

One thing is for sure. Writing your congressman won’t help to bridge the gap between rich and poor. Writing your congressman isn’t going to feed the millions of homeless children in the United States. Stop voting for these clowns in the first place. Refuse to pay taxes. Don’t buy gasoline. We can cripple the system with just a few carefully coordinated- and peaceful- strikes… I suppose.


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