No Way Like The American Way!

Hi everyone it’s Mike B.  I’ve been on hiatus for a while, I was moving back to the US.  I’m here now, back in upstate NY.  I’m looking for work; at newspapers, radio, TV… anything media.  In the month before moving and the week since, everything has been really crazy for me.  So props to Haneul Na’avi for keeping the ship on course.

Because I don’t have my own apartment and I am still busy job hunting and settling in, there won’t be any episodes of Mike’s Rant for a while.  But you can look forward to another great interview with Broc West of the Asian-Pacific Perspective.  I know Haneul’s got a half dozen guests lined up, we will try to get the interviews coming along. 

I’ve got to finish an article on GMO’s for Gwangju News Magazine this week.  I will post it here first.  Well I hope once my job situation is settled I can get back into the groove of things and start getting podcasts and articles out more regularly.  Well cheers everyone and wish me luck!

-Mike B from the USA!


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