Text Of My Letter To My Congressional Reps Regarding Syria

Please get out there now. Do whatever you can. Write your congressman and senator. Protest. Hack. Whatever. Use this letter as a template… but for God’s sake, do not let these bastards start a war in Syria.




Dear Sir/Madam, 

            I am writing you this letter in light of President Obama’s recent address to the country on August 31, 2013 regarding the conflict in Syria.  In the President’s address, he stated that his administration had strong evidence that chemical weapons were used by the Syrian government, and that the President would thus seek Congressional authorization for use of “limited” force in Syria. 

I am urging you to vote against military intervention in Syria.  While the tragic loss of life in Syria is difficult to watch, there are many, many reasons why the United States should not involve itself in this conflict.  By doing so, we not only risk spending billions of dollars in taxpayer money on an ineffective intervention, but we also risk making a bad situation worse for the Syrian people than it already is.  I would like to give you a list of reasons why this intervention is a bad idea, for both the U.S. and for Syrian citizens we are trying to save.

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