My Rebuttal to the Article by Christian Takushi, “As in Georgia the West bears some responsibility for Crisis in Ukraine”

By Haneul Na’avi | 2014 March 12

Hello gang,

It’s wonderful to see this discussion take place here. I would like to add the notion that the Centre for Applied Non-Violent Action and Strategies (CANVAS) has been operating globally as a CIA-backed initiative for regime change in countries around the world, and has been instrumental in the Georgian Rose Revolution of 2003 and the Ukrainian Orange Revolution of 2004. Organizations such as this and the National Endowment for Democracy are instrumental in shaping the geopolitical course of governments not currently aligned with PNAC/ World Bank players. It was also directly responsible for many of the attempted regime changes in Syria, Egypt, Libya, and the current Ukrainian crisis:

“Currently Canvas maintains training programs for dissidents in: Egypt, Palestine, Western Sahara, Libya, Lebanon, Columbia, West Papua, Sudan, Eritrea, Belarus, Burma, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Venezuela, Tonga, China, Burma and Zimbabwe, apart from those mentioned above.

Otpor activists have set up the Centre for Non-Violent Resistance. After having helped youth movements from Tbilisi in 2003, they got in contact with Pora, the biggest Ukrainian youth opposition movement in the spring of 2004. In April there were even some eighteen young people that traveled to Serbia for a course on organizational and negotiation skills, street protest tactics, and how to monitor the elections to be able to fight possible fraud. Some of OTPORs members tried to travel to Kiev to join in the protest, yet they were stopped at the airport.

Still, their experiences have helped youth groups to act, both in Tbilisi and Kiev. Although attempts to do the same in Belarus and Ghana failed, Otpor believes it was because the time was not right for it, but that in the future the same familiar images will arise again.”

I have also written an op-ed on my perspective of the Kiev matter, and how these NGOs are affecting the legitimately elected government in Ukraine in favor of a pro-EU puppet government that will willingly accept 3 billion of World Bank money as a bailout.

It’s no wonder that Putin occupied Crimea. He knew it would be the best place to hedge the US-backed neo-Nazis streaming in Russia from Ukraine, and secure a pro-Russian naval base that would remain instrumental to keeping weapons from getting in the wrong hands.

We remember back in 2012 when J. Christopher Stephens was murdered in public for smuggling weapons from Libya to Syria; this was discovered during the Bengazigate scandal and forced Hillary Clinton to testify why she ordered a stand-down of security forces when the US embassy was attacked. They wanted Stevens dead.

In addition, Bashar al-Assad spoke of unknown snipers shooting people during the initial protests. The process was repeated–snipers were hired by the heads of Euromaiden and used the same tactics to create chaos amongst heated protests where parties were in opposition, so that the governments are made to look responsible. This was revealed through talks between Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Paet and EU High Representative of Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton.

We have also heard these claims from Muammar Gaddafi of indiscriminate sniping; Western media shortly demonized Green forces after the initial firefights broke out so that they could claim the alphabet soup thug forces could be labeled as “freedom fighters”.

It’s all smoke and mirrors, and cloaks and daggers in the wonderful world of 21st century geopolitics.

My Rebuttal to the Article by Christian Takushi, “As in Georgia the West bears some responsibility for Crisis in Ukraine”


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