Unfinished Business…

Before I go to bed, I wanted to meditate on the last interview Mike and I had done with Kevin Galalae. We support him in his efforts to expose the global depopulation agenda, but I feel that there are so many questions that we hadn’t discussed in detail, especially related to our disagreement with the fundamental motivations for the New World Order – the benevolence of population control.

As a Marxist, I believe that oligarchy controls the world because it is in their nature; they are nobles, removed from society, and their goal is to oppress the lower classes in order to reap the rewards of proletariat production. Proletariat and Libertarian literature is at an all-time high due to the rise of the NWO, and both sides agree that something must be done in order to rectify the current trends of the neoliberal Empire.

There are fundamental disagreements I have with Galalae’s position, and further questions need to be addressed, such as the following:

  • The internal politics of countries with aging demographics and the erosion of social security due to a limited birth rate below 2.0, as in Japan, South Korea, and in Russia.
  • The history of eugenics and Operation Paperclip in the formation of the new global order, specifically the West.
  • Rampant corruption and planned destruction of economies by central banking powers, and the centralization of wealth for the benefit of a few families, corporations, and government bodies.
  • The support of fascism around the world to create national division and siphon off the resources of nation-states to private interests such as in Rwanda-CAR, Nigeria (Boko Haram) and Ukraine.
  • The notion that the engineers of our society do the opposite of what they accuse us of: using too many resources, polluting the planet with utter disregard, and limiting sustainable technologies (such as Tesla cars) in favor of Stone Age methods of transportation.
  • The benefits of a productive society in limiting the growth of populations while still increasing the overall level of contentment.
  • Competition amongst families, bureaucracies, and corporations in the fight for dominion over the earth, and their lack of coordination–neofeudalism.
  • The destruction of agrarian-based rural societies and the installation of consumerist economic and political infrastructure which pollute and use more resources than necessary, in addition to the promotion of consumerist lifestyles by the very elites that wish to exterminate the human race.
  • Agenda 21 and the herding of human beings into impoverishing smart cities that monitor everyone’s movements and consume massive amounts of resources.

There are just too many questions at the moment. I had to write them down. We’ll hopefully have him on the show again to clarify some of these points so that we can get into the heart of the matter, and I find this extremely important because I refuse to believe that mankind is the enemy, nor do I see any wisdom in what the international community is doing to all of us.

Good night.



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