Putin Confident About Successful Cooperation Between Russia, China

Putin Confident About Successful Cooperation Between Russia, China

11:16 15/07/2014

FORTALEZA, July 15 (RIA Novosti) – Russian President Vladimir Putin has no doubts about the success of Russian-Chinese cooperation.

“Cooperation is building up in all spheres, we are working very actively,” Putin said during a meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping at the BRICS summit Tuesday.

“We feel your personal interest in developing Russian-Chinese relations and all the plans, I am sure, will be implemented bringing our relations to an even higher level,” the Russian president noted.

Putin also suggested to his counterpart to talk about the steps that can be taken “to intensify the dialogue and solve the tasks that were set.”

Xi Jinping in his turn confirmed that the two leaders are taking the relations between their countries to the next level.

“Over the last two months that passed since your visit [to China] we have been actively holding consultations, the shifts were outlined in all spheres,” Chinese leader said.

According to him, cooperation between Russia and China is shaping up in a “dictum-factum” manner. Xi Jinping urged to continue developing the bilateral contacts.

President Putin said he hopes his next visit to China to the APEC summit in November will be as productive as the previous one.

“We have reached very objective, important, major agreements,” Russian leader underlined.

“I enjoyed visiting China, especially with such results,” Putin stressed.

“If you do not mind, I will come again in November, this time for the APEC summit,” he added.

Russian president arrived to Brazilian Fortaleza to attend the BRICS summit that starts Tuesday.


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