President Vladimir Putin Asserts Russia’s Role in the World

By Rev. Richard Skaff
Global Research, August 10, 2014

In December 2011, I suggested in an article titled Global Warfare: Where will Obama Strike Next? “Preplanned Wars” will lead to “Preplanned “Results”that Russia was the feeble patient of Eurasia which would always be dependent on capitalist money, and was becoming satisfied with being a spectator of the global theater, subservient to the US superpower. As a result Russia was rewarded with any bones or carcasses that the West would throw their way.2

Well today, Putin asserted Russia’s new role as active participant in world events defending Russian sovereignty and declaring that Russia is no longer a passive spectator in a unipolar Anglo-Saxon world. The associated Press announced on the morning of August 7th, 2014 that Russia banned most food imports from the West on Thursday as a retaliation for sanctions over Ukraine, an unexpectedly sweeping move that will cost farmers in North America, Europe and Australia billions of dollars but will also likely lead to empty shelves in Russian cities. 1

The announcement shows that President Vladimir Putin doesn’t appear ready to heed Russian nationalists’ calls to send troops into Ukraine, he is prepared to inflict significant damage on the west in an economic war that might also impact Russian markets due to its dependence on western products and agriculture. Is Putin willing to infuse money in Russian agriculture to render it more self-sufficient and independent?

Meanwhile, the West continues to escalate the Ukraine situation in an attempt to create an albatross around Putin’s neck, leading to the weakening of his government and inflicting Russian losses and ensuing in total Russian submission to the Western powers.

 The Associated Press also stated that the retaliation could hurt Russia as much as the West. Russia depends heavily on imported food stuff, most of it from Europe, particularly in Moscow and other large prosperous cities. In 2013, The EU exported 11.8 billion euros ($15.8 billion) in agricultural goods to Russia, while the U.S. sent $1.3 billion in food and agricultural goods. 1

 Russian online Media made sarcastic remarks bringing reminiscences of empty store shelves during the Soviet times, and implying that Putin might be repeating these patterns where he will starve his people as a result of his dependence on the West. Russian government quickly reassured the Russian people that Western imports will be replaced with food from Latin America, which might also be cheaper to buy.1

 Prime Minister Medvedev said Russian hopes that the ban will stop the West from ramping up sanctions, which it has done several times this year as the crisis in Ukraine has deepened.

If the West doesn’t change its course of escalation, and instigation, Russia may introduce restrictions on the import of planes, navy vessels, cars and other industrial products Medvedev warned. He also added that Russia in response to EYU sanctions against Russian low-cost Dobrolet, Russia is also considering a ban on Western carriers flying over Russia on flights to and from Asia, which would significantly swell costs and increase flight time.1

 Is it possible that the Russian response to the Western interference, instigation in the Ukraine and sanctions are theatrical and agreed upon among the players? What would be the purpose of this escalation that is reminiscent of the cold war?

 Are there covert negotiations among the parties in regards to dividing nations of the world? Is it possible that Russia is actually asserting itself and defending its territorial sovereignty?
If it is, then hopefully, Russia will practice decency and fairness with its neighbors, and will not repeat its past Soviet behavior, or mimics the West in becoming a perpetual parasite that only survives through the blood sucking of vulnerable countries, and as a result, claims ultimate superiority, dominance, and power at the expense of dead nations.
1.        Isachenkov, (2014). Russia hits back on sanctions; bans food from the West (08-07-14) 7:22 am.
2.       Skaff, R, (2011). Global Warfare: Where will Obama Strike Next? “Preplanned Wars” will lead to “Preplanned “Results” CRG, 2011.

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