Update: Shop Talk With Mike B


Hi Mike B here, I’m just writing to explain what I’ve been up to. No I haven’t been planning an invasion of New York on next Christmas Eve, I just happen to like Snoopy and being a patriot, so that is what I came up with from putting those two into a search. RIP Charles Schulz.

I am still writing for the Hardwick Gazette, but I am no longer writing for Ben Network, they let all of their writers go. I’m in the process of applying for other freelance work. From now for the foreseeable future, I need to write only for pay, which means all material I publish on the The Last Defense will be linked to another site, minus the occasional rant on some topic in the news that gets me going. In other words, business as usual.

Speaking of rants, there are so many developments I would like to unleash on. Mandatory vaccines to attend school in Vermont. Mandatory wind mill and solar technology (via Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards or RPS), all in the name of saving the earth, to cause austerity via its costs to the middle and lower class. Carbon taxes are the next big fight in Vermont, a story that Hanuel has written about for TLD.

We have a new writer in the wings, Jason Croteau of Vermont, he is currently a researcher for us but we hope to see some material written and/or spoken soon.

Hanuel is working on all sorts of projects to take TLD to the next level, from new software for the website to new ways to make TLD into a business that can support us. He is still living in England at this time, also doing journalism whenever he can.

There may be stretches where things don’t update as often as we wish on TLD, but we haven’t forgotten and will never let up the fight for truth and freedom. It only means we are doing what we have to do for our families and general well being.

Please anyone feel free to submit articles and/or ideas to us. My personal email is bielawski82@yahoo.com, I check it multiple times per day. There is also the email for this site, thelastdefense2012@gmail.com. For this time all work is pro bono but by getting involved you can consider it an investment in an operation that is completely intended on becoming sustainable, aka able to pay ourselves and all contributors.

Thanks for the continued support for all who keep listening and reading at TLD. This is our goal, this is our main project, everything else is just for support. Stay strong and free.


Michael B, co-editor of TLD


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