TLD Rant: The Rise in Marxism

Just some thoughts:

After a much needed holiday, I was happy to see the spirit of revolution still burning brightly in Portugal. It’s good to know that people still engage in revolutionary theory, groups still actively convene, and the desire to make social progress is still on the agenda for the future of Europe.

Upon returning from the trip, I understood that learning about the world and politics cannot simply come from watching a documentary or the ‘news’, but it must come from a genuine desire to connect with another culture and history of people, for good or ill, in order to understand how they fit into the nexus of the greater world. This offers us a total perspective of how and why Mankind has chosen its current path, and without a holistic, dialectic approach to humanity, we become insular and sheltered in perception; either through the coloured lens of media, organisational affiliation and academia, or worse–propaganda.

When was the last time you actually talked to someone of a different culture or ethnicity? One that was not raised within the confines of a multicultural upbringing, but someone who has truly been raised in their native world?

Someone with a history that spans hundreds of years, if not a millennia? I’m understanding that young cultures cannot dictate what old cultures have proven successful through the test of time. Cultural imperialism is the perfect example of this–deciding whose culture is ‘right’ and ‘better’. The First World is wholly guilty of this, and is experiencing the blowback from the Second World, who is revolting against the establishment of the doctrine of Western exceptionalism. I also do not believe that we need a ‘clash of civilisations’ in the near future, but in our diversity, we can share the most potent moments of our humanity; the stories that we hold which can teach others the gift of insight.

As time goes on, I’m finding myself growing cynical of statist movements, and am gravitating towards a more beneficial, objective (hopefully), and theoretically-based way of analysing current trends in politics. Gone are the days where I want to simply “affiliate” with a country; rather, I want to know what a country is doing for the globe. I want to see the progress of man in light of historical materialism and admire the beauty of mankind through its cultural expressions. I don’t think there is a better way to connect with my fellow men and women than to see who they are historically, metaphysically, politically, and most importantly–empirically.



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