TLD Rant: Is Trump For Real?


Is Trump the real deal? Can he be trusted to back up his own rhetoric? What’s his agenda? Is his agenda really his agenda or a handler’s agenda?

I will try to answer some of these questions very candidly. First, no. I don’t think he or any other candidate on TV in either party is “the real deal”. I don’t see that as being negative, rather just acknowledging the media and general establishment’s stranglehold over politics prevent much hope for genuine change at the Federal level. Want real tangible change now? Get to know your local town and school boards, your sheriff, your neighbors.

Can he be trusted to back his own rhetoric? Maybe, he’s certainly been allowed to counter the establishment on political correctness. He’s been stubborn and candid in the face of mass media bullying. The question is, is this a genuine stand against the establishment or just a play to win street cred?

What’s his agenda? Is he controlled? If so, what’s his controller’s agenda? One red flag here … 9/11, the classic litmus test. A “truther” (aka someone who questions known liars about an event which has a narrative with more holes than Swiss cheese) got into one of Trump’s events and questioned him on the 9/11 narrative.

Trump could have seized the moment to truly stick a dagger in the establishment, to really go for the jugular. Could the media really roll their eyes with a straight face if a current Republican presidential front runner jumped on 9/11 truth? Probably not I would think. One can only dream anyway … he balked.

Some will say he’s playing it safe to avoid a media shit storm, maybe that’s true. In any case, his tough facade he presents  to the world was given a grand opportunity to go for the ultimate prize, to get the establishment at it’s most sensitive point aka the dubious 9/11 narrative … he passed on the big opportunity.  To his credit so has every other politician on earth seemingly.

Other red flags, I haven’t seem him really attack the carbon tax scam (well I see it was a scam, that’s another big topic). I haven’t seen him talk about taxing Wall Street derivatives.

I have seen him say some right things here and there, especially about media and political correctness. Dramatically dropping the income tax doesn’t sound so bad either.

Is he just saying what he thinks he’s allowed to say without getting politically or literally assassinated? In any case … I’ve also heard some truths from Obama pre-2008 … look how that’s turned out.

There’s conspiracies out there that he’s a door step for the Clinton campaign, a loser by intention. He’s given about 100 Gs to a Clinton Foundation apparently.

In the end, this is just a rant. I think he’s a false anti-establishment candidate. We will likely hear more truth from him than any other mainstream candidate. Does that mean we should endorse him just to hear better rhetoric with no bite to back it up? I’m not gonna sign my name to that.

-Mike B


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