TLD Rant: The futility of corporatism

The most interesting thing about the corporate elite is that they have something that the 99% do not have: theoretical discourse and the application of theory.

Modern imperialist theory has been borrowed from and extrapolated on the trifecta of previous imperialist governments: fascism (Mussolini/ Franco), Nationalist-Socialist (Hitler), and Anglo-American Eugenics (Galton, Sanger, Huxley, Grant). It has and always will be used as a foundation for the modern day ‘international community’. Every globalist in this world considers him or herself to be a student in the dark arts of manipulation, chaos, and mind control.

They have developed international think-tanks, hoarded immense levels of capital, engaged in discourse with top prodigies within the top universities, and have nestled themselves into government agencies such as the American Medical Association and the Department of Defense; thereby giving them a longstanding advantage into PREDICTING the nature of the proles, rather than finding ways to control them.

It is possible that the reason why they are behaving so recklessly these days is because they know that humanity is not organised enough to resist them. Many proles do not understand domestic and international law, so the elite circumvent them. The proles chant “Black lives Matter”, but continue to receive funding from Soros-backed projects. Many proles cannot separate the difference between self-defence and nonviolent pacifism, making them easy victims to the military industrial complex, let alone control over the weapons that could advance their causes. Many proles do not have a fundamental understanding of history, so the elite arbitrarily rewrite it for them in the form of corporate media. We are not victims to oligarchy, but are victims to our inability to create a concrete course of action and to develop a deep knowledge of class warfare.

All of this sounds great until the elite forget one important aspect of the equation–there can be no monopoly over the human heart. It will, now and forever, be the one that the elite will struggle against. In the equations of social sciences, the essence of humanity is not a variable, its a control.

Those that possess the will to survive, the freedom to think, and the theory to move forward, will earn their freedom.


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