Corbynomics 101: An #AllRiot Primer

Hey guys,

I’ve been working on a project for the amazing team at AllRiot, in which we put together a summary of Labour MP and leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn’s economic policy. We couldn’t be just all smiles about his agenda, so we gave it a critical analysis in order to determine just how feasible it really is.

It details two points of his three-point strategy for reinvigorating the workforce, nationalising the Bank of England, and using “People’s Quantitative Easing” to fund critical infrastructure and social commons’ projects. By doing so, Corbyn aims to break the trend of austerity and zero-growth economics so viciously practiced by both the Tory and centre-right members of Labour (David Cameron, Ed Miliband and George Osborne, especially).

By far, we think that he is the essence of Labour. He is a candidate of principle, who is working to create a cogent plan for the future of Britain’s working and middle class. This is what Labour has stood for for generations, and with his leadership, he can help the party return back to its Socialist roots; something that can help the UK become an example to countries worldwide.

In light of our support for Corbyn, we’ve made this revolutionary t-shirt to commemorate his bid for Labour leadership. As the nation goes to the polls today, kindly share this meme, support the campaign, spread the word and get out to the polls. The future of Britain is calling.




Corbynomics 101: An #AllRiot Primer


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