Turkish TV Interviews Syrian Refugees: We Will Return Home!

These people are beautiful. After escaping the Hell of the “Free Syrian Army”, better know as al-Jabrat al-Nursra/ Islamic State/ Fascist-Supported Army (FSA), these people are speaking the truth about what it means to be Syrian.

They defend the Syrian Arab Army, their leader Bashar al-Assad, tell the truth about the groups who are fighting on the ground, and defend their homeland with the hopes to return. That says a lot about being a community with one purpose, one destiny, that are willing to overcome the obstacles set on them by external saboteurs.

It is of utter importance that people learn to speak to those within the story. To have a lens focusing the light of Truth is the same as obscuring your vision entirely.

Blessings to Mimi al-Laham for posting this wonderful video.



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