TLD Rant: My Thoughts on Right-Wing Disinfo and the European Refugee Crisis

I’ve watched some propaganda coming from both mainstream media as well as purported “independent” sources, but I can say that, as a human being, I’m sickened to death by what I’ve witnessed coming from Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars. I was once a supporter of the broadcast, but I’ve given up on it as I’ve found a lot of right-wing vitriol coming from it.

The following is a montage of supposedly interconnected events revolving around the migrant crises in Europe, which, does warrant concern. Nevertheless, they all have a backstory to them that Watson has refused to acknowledge and more notably, use to his own gain.

I wanted to pick apart some of the most pressing mentions of this propaganda:

1. In Hungary, as well as in the French city of Calais, many different nationalities of people steal and argue over limited resources because there are several competing groups of people. This means that, Syrian refugees have been coming into Europe with Ethiopians, Sudanese, Pakistani, Iraqi, Afghani and Yemeni groups. In desperate times, they want the food for their own people. Russia Today mentions that they have already fought over things such as bikes and other rare commodities their groups can’t afford.

2. In many of the border skirmishes (ungrateful migrants throwing away precious European Perrier), the migrant groups banded together in protest. They initiated a hunger strike so that the countries would open their borders and refused to eat or drink anything until the governments complied. This had nothing to do with being ungrateful, and furthermore, very few of them will stay in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, or any of the Balkans countries. To portray this as an “uncivilised migrant crisis” does no justice to their right to peaceful protest.

3. Again, the French charities that had food stolen were dealing with many of the migrants in Calais, whom have the most difficult instances of intercultural clashes. The men stealing the food are doing so for their own nationalities, and although I don’t condone it, they’re not simply “throwing good food away”.

4. France was DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for destroying the Tureag populations of Mali, hence the “screaming heathen African” part of the montage. They are one of many cultures in the migrant crisis, and yes, they speak French, so they’re going to Calais. They are still suffering from their losses.

Let me dissect this for a moment. There is no way that propaganda like this can convince me that France and UK, who were instrumental in the destructions of Iraq, Mali, Syria, Afghanistan, along with their US overlords, didn’t expect a migrant crises to happen. They published reports acknowledging that trying to isolate Bashar al-Assad would only lead to the rise of the Islamic State.

Yet, this has become an immigration issue for the European Union. Let’s look at some peculiarities about this:

1. This is nothing more than Operation Gladio resurrected in order to force the EU to comply with NATO military agendas. Do not forget: the EU contemplated making its own European military in response to the divisions over policies towards Russian sanctions. We should also note that Russia and China have become powerful new markets for European businesspersons. Even Germany has resorted to a Euro-Chinese currency trade agreement, and Italy has hosted the Milan Expo to support businesses in the country; many of them from developing countries. This is to keep Europe distracted with a crisis, holding it at hostage, while the US and elite members of the EU struggle to remove Assad and continue their war contagion across the MENA region and the Caucuses.

2. The migrants crises show the failures in European decision making when choosing to go to war. UK and France were predominantly responsible for the Syrian, Libyan, and Malian influxes of migrants, yet Italy, Germany, Hungary, the Balkans, and an already impoverished Greece have to foot the bill. Had there been control over NATO’s decisions to bomb Iraq, Syria, or Mali, individual member-states would not have chosen this course of action.

3. While British people pine over their “White Christian Nation”, Britain is actually the country doing the least about the migrant crisis. Federica Mogherini became emotional during a European Commission debate over the situation, in which she demonstrated that Germany contributed 5 million euros and Italy, whom is deeply affected by the economic crisis, pledged 3 million euros. No one else is contributing, and the UK has taken in approximately 300 of the 1 MILLION refugees in Europe.

4. Keep in mind that Russia is STILL accommodating over 1 million Ukrainian refugees and is giving them shelter, without complaining, and with sanctions. To gripe about money and contributions is completely baseless, as the EU together is supposed to be the largest economy in the world.

It’s time that we start critically dissecting these fallacious arguments that do nothing to stir up nationalist sentiment. People like Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson have done some fine contributions to independent journalism, but the current trajectory over the migrant crisis falls on borderline right-wing sycophancy. War, imperialism, and economic despair is the leading cause of migration in the world. We, as Western citizens and residents, should consider that when looking to point fingers.


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