Big Brother Attacks UFAA, TLD!

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By Michael Bielawski:

I always used to make fun of it.

“They are watching you, your every move you make! Those pesky men in black, better look over your shoulder and get a remote car starter!”

Well it’s not so funny anymore. They are indeed watching, and they got me good. To properly explain what happened, I should start from the beginning.

So over the years I’ve had a sort of mentor to my career. A journalist who not only helped open my eyes to the scope and depth of all the corruption and media manipulation, but someone who believed in me and drove me to become the journalist I am today.

His name is Webster G. Tarpley. His specialty is geopolitics and economics. Regarding geopolitics, he literally wrote the book on False Flag terrorism. It’s called 911 Synthetic Terrorism and it covers false flag events in painstaking detail with back stories from the infamous British Gun Powder plot of centuries ago to the granddaddy of them all, 9/11.

Regarding economics, he’s all about nationalizing the Federal Reserve, and using Wall Street sales tax to take the air out of their derivatives ponzi trading scheme. He’s all about Medicare for all, and using that aforementioned nationalized Fed to invest in tangible aspects of the economy such as hospitals, schools, infrastructure and such. In other words, he’s a real economist that doesn’t just talk about bailing out big corrupt banks.

Anyway enough of that, so he’s a real guy, a real journalist, the real deal. And then he formed this group called UFAA, United Front Against Austerity. This group is essentially followers of his economic and geopolitical ideas put into motion as an effective political movement.

UFAA can presumably at least in part be credited with getting presidential candidates such as Bernie Sanders to endorse a .01 Wall Street Sales tax and to endorse the Glass Steagall Act. The GSA essentially separates commercial and investment banks, in short like you can’t own your race horse and bet on it too. UFAA was also largely involved in the effort to expose the recently disgraced and resigned Obama ISIS adviser John Allen, for essentially aiding and protecting the terror group while posing as its foe.

Which finally several paragraphs in, that gets me to the whole point of this article or rant. Cointelpro, the declassified 1980s era secretive FBI-led effort to use fake undercover activists to instigate and propagate all sorts of drama and destruction among activists and journalists, is apparently alive and well. Whether it’s still called Cointelpro and whether it’s still the FBI at the helm is up for debate, but the practice in principal seems to continue on.

So here they come, with relatively legit looking fake Facebook profiles to boot. They are even mocking us as they get us to say things we shouldn’t. What they do is they come on posing as disgruntled associates, and they try to get you to gossip. They try to get you to throw friends under the bus so to speak in candid conversation taken out of context. This particular snitch even said “thank you for your comments” apparently mockingly at the end of our brief exchange.

In the particular conversation in question, this person got me to complain a bit about Tarpley’s apparent dislike for those of the libertarian sect. This was highlighted despite that I went on to compliment and accredit Tarpley for influencing my own career’s success. We don’t all agree on everything, anyone who’s been in any political group knows that.

Tarpley, UFAA and co. now know all the details of the incident. That doesn’t change the damage done. Especially in social media, we don’t really know who people are. Even the best of us can’t always see the tells, the red flags that someone isn’t who they say they are. So while we may all make jokes that big brother is listening, among us and plotting to sabotage our every turn … as funny as it may be to make jokes, it’s probably true.

-Mike B


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