TLD Rant: Turkey’s Transgressions


Looks like the tail end of the Silk Road has been cut off, and good riddance. Erdogan proves once again that he is not to be trusted; Russia should simply cut its losses with this Caliphate-coddling nation while it still can.

What the country has done is an act of war, and can only be added to its repertoire of duplicitous treachery. When it is not killing members of the PKK and YGP, filling up its tanks at the ISIS Petrol Shoppe, or bromancing with al-Bagdhadi, it’s asserting its NATO foothold in Syria as it did when raiding northern Syria and shooting friendly targets (two, in fact). Even the childish and completely incompetent New York Times recognises the belligerence of Erdogan’s growing dictatorship:

“NATO countries have been concerned about Mr. Erdogan’s increasingly authoritarian tendencies for some time, and NATO officials acknowledge that Turkey’s agenda in Syria does not always match that of Washington, Britain or France — let alone Russia.”


How does NATO support such a conflicting alliance with Turkey without vindicating everyone’s suspicion of its uselessness? Washington should know; it supports most dictatorships around the world and has accumulated a hefty bill in the process. The only purpose that Turkey serves in the NATO alliance is preemptive strike capabilities in future clashes, in addition to being a land bridge for logistics and supplies, remembering what happened when Pakistan closed its borders to Afghanistan after getting bombed by US drones once too often.

Erdogan is a demagogue and is spreading his nation around the Middle East like old peanut butter with his schizophrenic geopolitical ambitions. Goodbye Russian tourism. Goodbye Silk Road. Goodbye AIIB. Goodbye Gazpom gas and petrol. Hello S-400 Triumfs on your borders. Better not shoot down your wind turbines, too. You’ll need them.

#IStandWithRussia #SyrianArmy #ErdoganSupportsISIS

Research Paper: ISIS-Turkey List


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