Status Update for Mike B

Michael Bielawski photo

Me just before getting hammered on a sunny afternoon … (I wish!) … probably in between work.

I thought about posting another link to an article I thought was interesting or another story I did this week, but nah … I just just want to update our readership on what’s going on.

So I’m working at two publications now, the Hardwick Gazette (local news, town boards, school boards etc) and covering the Vermont Statehouse (carbon taxes, renewable energy credits, Common Core education standards etc) for In all I’m doing around 10 or 11 articles per week, very busy! I hope to remedy the workload in the near future while relatively maintaining my income level.

I may be hosting a radio show, “a radio show and podcast that challenges the Orwellian phenomenon of the blind and enthusiastic adherence to popular ideas,” according to its regular host David Parvey, who is planning to let me helm the ship for a few weeks while he’s off fighting crime! Check out its Facebook page here.

And I’ll continue to post bits and articles and soundbites of what I’m doing and/or what I just find interesting here. I cannot speak for what Hanuel is up to, other than last I spoke with him he was roaming the east coast US visiting family, we could not link up unfortunately. I will continue to helm the ship in the meantime.

TLD has always been and will remain for the immediate future a secondary effort on our part, a hobby with hopes to become something bigger, something that supports us and takes the fight to the next level. I will support TLD to the grave and I know one day with the resources/talent it will rise up. In the meantime, that’s it for tonight, good night and signing out.

-Mike B



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