About our Operation

“Speak your mind. Voice your opinion. Keep your sanity.”

This is our mantra. We are aware of the incessant and outrageous lies of the mainstream media and their bid to imprison us in metaphysical chains. We also know that decentralized media is the key to unlocking an objective understanding of global events. That is where TLD comes in. We are but one of many blogs out there and are one faint star in the constellation of free thinkers on this planet. Nevertheless, we are relentlessly committed to using whatever skills we have to extol the truths we have discovered about our civilization, which is under attack by a shadow oligarchy that threatens to descend upon us a dark age of technocratic reign.

Born in Seoul, South Korea and based on two continents, our operation has lasted three years thus far and we don’t plan on stopping. We typically cover topics ranging from politics, health, international relations, and technology, all with the intent of uncovering the twisted fabrications of corporate propaganda.

It is important to know that we also aim to reconcile the differences between the left-right paradigm—Marxists and Libertarians—and understand that our proletariat forces have more in common when we stand together in solidarity. Anyone that desires freedom, independence, and a better world is a part of the struggle for liberation and together, we are the last defense against our neo-feudal oppressors.

Haneul Na’avi
is one of the founders, writers, and podcast hosts for the blog “The Last Defense” and is based in the United Kingdom. He specializes in topics involving the MENA region, Ukraine, Palestine, Marxist philosophy, and political history. His work has been featured in such publications as the Palestine Chronicle, PravdaThe Centre for Research on Globalization, RINF Alternative News, Press TV, and the Ukrainian Borotba Movement. Academically, he has studied Chinese at Fudan University in Shanghai and Middle East and African Politics at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul. Following the murder of Muammar Gaddafi and the destruction of Libya, he began his career in journalism with the intention to exposing attacks against sovereign nations by international organizations that use subversive counterintelligence methods. Haneul would like to thank all of the journalists, organizations, and advisors that has helped shed light on the matters of the world, and the deeply appreciated support they have given TLD along the way.

Click to visit Haneul’s blog.

Michael Bielawski is a co-founder of The Last Defense (TLD), and is a featured writer for the Hardwick Gazette in Hartwick, Vermont. He has also previously been a key writer for South Korea’s Gwangju Magazine and employee of NBC Studios.  Academically, he studied media at Seton Hall University and is a staunch supporter of Libertarian values. He became politically awakened by friends in NYC who pointed out the inconsistencies of the mainstream narrative during the ‘events’ of 9/11. He would like to thank fellow journalists Webster Tarpley, James Corbett, Broc West, and others for helping to guide his reporting to sincere and just causes.  In his spare time, he plays Halo (Xbox), watches old zombie movies, and Peanuts episodes on YouTube.

Click to visit Mike’s blog.

Email:  thelastdefense@tutanova.com
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Twitter: @thelastdefense
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Speak your mind. Voice your opinion. Keep your Sanity.

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