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From London to Gaza, with Love


Pictures of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and Stop the War Coalition March in London, UK. [Credit: Haneul Na’avi]

I joined my friend in the march as a press representative in order to cover the event in an article, acquire details, take notes, and to gather statements from participants. Although the demonstration was completely “coincidental” the day that I was supposed to see my friends in London, I do not believe in coincidences.

This was by far one of the most enlightening, liberating, and rejuvenating experiences I have ever had in my life. We must first look at the colossal diversity of the demographics of the people that had attended this march. There were approximately 100,000 people I had the honor of standing alongside, and the vast majority of them were from an innumerable collection of countries. Palestine, Syrian, Iraq, America, British, India, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Yemen, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Norway, China, Japan… the list expands beyond the scope of what I can name.

The beauty of this event was that it demonstrated the common purpose that 100,000 people shared: ending the siege of the Gaza strip, boycotting any or all products produced from Israeli businesses, and to return solidarity to a nation of people in the Middle East–Palestinians and Israelis together–in order to force the “international community” to recognize what democracy TRULY looks like. It also demonstrates the unity between groups which have traditionally been seen as divided, marginalized, or uncooperative. This narrative could not be further from the truth.

This is their story in pictures, and it is love in my heart and with the blessing of Spirit that I can share this with you. The article will follow soon.

“Gaza, Gaza, don’t you cry. We will never let you die”.

– H.N.-


Sign our open letter to the BBC

July 9, 2014

Please sign this open letter to the BBC. Ask your MP to sign it. Ask your friends to sign. Palestine Solidarity Campaign will be presenting this letter, with your signatures on it, to the Director General of the BBC, Lord Hall.

Dear BBC

Once again Gaza is under massive aerial bombardment from Israeli warplanes and drones, and, once again, the BBC’s reporting of these assaults is entirely devoid of context or background.

We would like to remind the BBC that Gaza is under Israeli occupation and siege.

We would like to remind you that Israel is bombing a refugee population – Palestinians who were made refugees when they were forced from their land in1948 in order to create Israel.

We would like to remind you that Gaza has no army, air force, or navy, while Israel possess one of the strongest militaries in the world.

When you portray Israel’s shelling of a civilian population as a ‘response’ or ‘retaliation’ to rocket strikes from Gaza, we would like to remind you that these events flow from the displacement of the overwhelming majority of the Palestinian people from their homes and communities, with millions now corralled as refugees in the Gaza Strip. That initial injustice was compounded and continues with the ongoing occupation and siege.

When you portray the occupier as the victim, and the occupied as the aggressor, we would like to remind you that resistance to occupation is a right under international law. And we would like you to remember that Israel’s occupation, siege and collective punishment of Gaza is not.

And, finally, we would like to remind BBC journalists, when interviewing Israel’s spokespeople over the coming days, to ask the one question they have all failed to ask: “If Israel ends its occupation of Palestinian land, and allows the people of Palestine to live in freedom from Israeli domination, would that bring peace?”


Open letter to the BBC

A letter asking the BBC to improve their coverage of Palestine and Israel

Sign our open letter to the BBC

Join the global March Against Monsanto this Saturday!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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(NaturalNews) The worldwide March Against Monsanto takes place this Saturday, May 24th, as millions of people will once again gather to protest the despicable food imperialism practices of the most-hated corporation in the world: Monsanto.

Check out the official March Against Monsanto website for a list of cities hosting the event, covering every continent and nearly every nation on the planet.

Over 350 cities are hosting the event, including every major city in the United States. The mainstream media, however, will once again selectively ignore this event, as they are completed owned and controlled by the financial interests of their advertisers which consist largely of junk food companies using lots of GMOs. (Even the HFCS used in sodas comes from genetically modified corn.) The March Against Monsanto is truly the “million mom march” that the mainstream media is desperately trying to pretend isn’t taking place.

This year’s march takes place following an important victory for consumers: Vermont has now enacted a law requiring mandatory GMO labeling on all foods sold in the state. The biotech industry is expected to try to block the law with a series of lawsuits, but even if they succeed the global trend against GMOs cannot be stopped.

GMO “science” smacks of “tobacco science”

All the scientists pushing GMOs today almost perfectly resemble the sellout doctors, scientists and medical authorities who recommend cigarettes three generations ago.

There was a time when Big Tobacco ruled the realm of “science” and even ran full-page advertisements in the Journal of the American Medical Association claiming, “More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette!” (Click here to see the ad for yourself.)

The mantra of the day was that cigarettes had, “no evidence of harm.” This is the exact same false rationalization currently used with GMOs. Of course, the only reason there is “no evidence of harm” is because any scientists who happen to document evidence of harm are immediately railroaded, censored and threatened for daring to conduct real science. Any scientific work that manages to get published showing health risks of GMOs is quickly retracted after journal editors are threatened and intimidated by biotech operatives. (Yes, the biotech industry routinely uses mafia-style tactics to censor the truth about GMOs.)

GMOs have never been tested for long-term safety in humans, so any claim of “no evidence of harm” is obviously ludicrous. A person could say the same thing immediately after leaping off a cliff. “Hey, there’s no evidence of harm!” And there isn’t until you hit the ground, at which point it’s too late to stop the damage.

GMOs present real, significant risks to humanity and our planet

GMOs present very real risks of ecological damage, genetic pollution, harm to animals, harm to humans and even sudden collapse of the global food supply. None of these risks have been sufficiently and scientifically studied, much less ruled out. The entire GMO industry operates in complete abandonment of the Precautionary Principle of modern science, which says we should err on the side of caution instead of releasing unknown, self-replicating organisms into the wild.

One scientist has bravely warned that GMOs could unleash global “ecocide” which destroys the ecosystem. Although this risk is very small for each genetically modified seed variety, the aggregate risk becomes very large over time as more and more genetically engineered crops are released into the wild.

It is not “rational” or “scientific” to expose the entire human race to the unknown risks of a self-replicating organism being carelessly released into the wild with little more than vague assurances from corporate-funded “scientists.” And if the biotech industry were so interested in doing good on our planet, why are all their operatives engaged in mafia-style tactics that include death threats, intimidation and character assassination attempts?

Learn more about GMOs

Whole Foods has announced they will require all foods sold in their stores to be GMO labeled by 2018. GMO labeling battles are heating up all across the USA, with Oregon now in the running for GMO labeling laws.

Watch this interview of Jeffrey Smith by Robert Scott Bell:

And in this video interview with Gary Franchi, Jeffrey Smith explains how we go on the offensive against the biotech industry:

See real-time breaking news headlines on GMOs every day at:

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/045218_March_Against_Monsanto_GMOs_grassroots_activism.html##ixzz32FrvTRaO