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TLD Rant: Mr. Huntington Goes to Pretoria

Sorry that this post is too long, but I felt that it was of utter importance to share with you. I’ll keep my part brief.

Those that allow their emotions to overshadow events that have taken place in both the Charlie Hebdo and Paris massacres, in addition to the 9/11 attacks, fail to understand the scientific nature of politics. In order to put the current global conundrum into context, all scholars of geopolitics should recognise the the Occult, in all of its forms, is the sole medium of creating political reform and change. These are the initiatives and strategies that Western leaders have taken in order to enact their own legislative control over their respective countries supposed transformations. This is all outlined in his book, “The Clash of Civilisations” and was a pretext for the invasions of Iraq, Libya, and Syria. Refer to this excerpt from the Harvard Crimson; an article published in 1987 on the ‘reforms’ that Huntington advised the Apartheid South African government to take:

“But since neither of these preconditions–cooperation or control–existed in South Africa in 1981, most of Huntington’s paper focused on the process through which the basis for such an ‘elite conspiracy’ could be laid, a process he chose to call “reform.” Based on the model of Brazilian President Geisel’s “decompression”, or “liberalization”, Huntington recommended that the South African government pay attention to six factors. In order to wage a “two-front war against both stand-patters and revolutionaries” (p. 16), he said, reformers require:

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TLD Rant: My Thoughts on Right-Wing Disinfo and the European Refugee Crisis

I’ve watched some propaganda coming from both mainstream media as well as purported “independent” sources, but I can say that, as a human being, I’m sickened to death by what I’ve witnessed coming from Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars. I was once a supporter of the broadcast, but I’ve given up on it as I’ve found a lot of right-wing vitriol coming from it.

The following is a montage of supposedly interconnected events revolving around the migrant crises in Europe, which, does warrant concern. Nevertheless, they all have a backstory to them that Watson has refused to acknowledge and more notably, use to his own gain.

I wanted to pick apart some of the most pressing mentions of this propaganda:

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AllRiot: Reflections on Ferguson


Ferguson, MO: A year has passed since Michael Brown’s unjust murder. As a tumultuous year unfolded with protests, revenge killings and riots, the fascist forces of America’s 1033 program murdered unarmed Tyrone Harris in cold blood. These actions have done nothing more than fan the flames on already tense race relations throughout America, and have provoked yet another wave of Bedlam in the streets of Missouri.

Race relations in America are no mystery. They’ve always been a constant battle between Black and White, but nothing is always ‘black and white’. Ferguson will rekindle once again the asinine stupidity from both pigs and provocateurs, but we cannot lose sight that it was Whites helping Blacks (and vice-versa) throughout the US’s short time line in order to help society reach a point of tolerance and acceptance. Civil rights have been set back decades because corporatist cops want to play into the elite’s game, but we cannot lose hope and must band together in the spirit of freedom, justice, and liberty.

Support the victims of Ferguson by wearing a simple message. Proceeds from the sale of this t-shirt will be donated to the Ferguson Legal Defense Fund set up by www.organizemo.org. Buy our “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” t-shirt here or get involved directly:


This has gone too far. They want a civil war, but all we want are our civil rights. Let’s hope we can get them back peacefully.

Help Ferguson. Make a statement. Fuck killer cops.