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AmeriGEDDON Exclusive Release

Message from Mike B:

Very excited for this film! We need to spread the word … very powerful trailer, so psyched! A film like this could spread like wildfire in a way that documentaries really can’t. People have to sit down and focus for a documentary. This movie will just beam the info into freedom hungry Americans. It will make things make sense. Please share on social media now!


Mike Norris, son of Chuck Norris reveals trailer for film the establishment doesn’t want you to see:

Amerigeddon is a dire warning, wake up call of what could be our future.  When a globalist terrorist organization aligned with the United Nations disables the US power grid and institutes Martial Law.  It will take a dedicated family of patriots armed with strong survival skills and the remains of the Second Amendment to save America and reclaim its freedom.

Starring: Gary Heaven, Marshal Teague, Deena Meyer, Anna Lynne McCord,  and Diane Ladd

Directed By Mike Norris.


TLD Rant: Charleston Shooting a False Flag?


Photo courtesy of Infowars.com

If you were to look at a handbook titled “How to ID a False-Flag Event?” there would be a list of criteria, hallmarks so to speak, to look out for. As a matter of fact I just so happened to have written such a guide myself a few years ago, it can be found here.

Please key-word search the lengthy article to the sub heading “A Changing Story” and you will find one criteria that is already sending up a red flag regarding the horrible event in Charleston NC, where at least 9 black church goers were killed allegedly by a young white racist.

The following was reported by the NY Times shortly after the initial event…

“Around 10:45 p.m., police officers at the scene drew their weapons and
later escorted a man in handcuffs, who appeared to match that
description. But officials said later that they were still searching for the gunman.”

Now on its own this doesn’t prove anything. The concern is what happens when I try to find more information on this now… The quote shows up easily word for word in a Google search not only in the NY Times piece but in some other media that have re-posted the quote. What’s disturbing is if you click on the original article at the Times website, posted around midnight shortly after the shooting, the quote is now missing from the story. Actually it appears to just go to a different story altogether, more in line with the current official narrative. Here is the link as shown on Google…


The purple link at the bottom is to the original story, it no longer works. It’s hazy but you can see the texts if you look closely.

A glitch in the Interweb or was it intentionally flushed down the memory hole? Please comment, especially with any information that may help solve this puzzle. It should be noted there was a similar such scenario regarding a mystery arrest after the Sandy Hook shooting.

-Mike B


The Obvious Cyber False Flag


Dear TLD Readers,

I am posting this article from Yahoo.com because I was almost speechless in how blatantly obvious this is. If you haven’t heard, the latest rounds of hacking attacks including the ones blamed on North Korea and ISIS can be traced back to Maryland, home of the NSA, that report is here…

Could they make it any more obvious? I mean it’s like they don’t care anymore, they (the media and elites) are making little or no effort to revise their tactics, they are just repeating the same formulas and hoping maybe some small sect of the public might actually still buy into it.  Someone agree or disagree in the comments below huh?


Mike B

Obama seeks enhanced cybersecurity laws to fight hackers

Reuters By Roberta Rampton and Alina Selyukh 6 hours ago

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama on Tuesday renewed a push to beef up U.S. cybersecurity laws after recent headline-grabbing hacking attacks against companies like Sony Pictures <6758.T>, Home Depot and Target .

During a tour of a “war room” at the Department of Homeland Security’s cybersecurity nerve center, Obama said the recent attacks have highlighted the threat faced by financial systems, power grids and healthcare systems that run on networks connected to the Internet.

“We’ve got to stay ahead of those who would do us harm. The problem is that government and the private sector are still not always working as closely together as we should,” Obama said.

Congress has tried and failed for years to pass legislation to encourage companies to share data from attacks with the government, and each other, but grappled with liability issues raised by companies and privacy concerns from civil liberties groups.

But Obama proposed legislation, due to be sent to Congress on Tuesday, that seeks a balance. It would offer liability protection to companies that provide information in near-real-time to the government, but require them to strip it of any personal data.

Obama has elevated cybersecurity to the top of his 2015 agenda, seeing it as an area where cooperation is possible with the Republican-led Congress.

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