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Article: THAAD’s Enough — An Analysis of the Pentagon’s Latest Asia Pivot Boondoggle

By Haneul Na’avi
Source: The Duran

Trolling-in-real-life has become the State Department’s favourite pastime, and recent developments on the Korean peninsula have given the State Department the perfect impetus to further political agitation. Various Pentagon mouthpieces cited North Korea’s semi-successful BM25 Musudan missile tests as potential concern for regional security and in response, coerced Park Geun-Hye into accepting a shiny new Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) system to the bemusement of South Korean protesters in the Seongju province. Whilst rightfully acknowledging that the deployment was “a very sensitive issue for the partners throughout the region”, US Defence Secretary Ash Carter ensured that the US was “working closely to ensure the swift deployment of THAAD”, a Defence News article noted.

Seongju residents protest against Park Geun-Hye’s acceptance of THAAD technology [PHOTO: SOTT]

Regional superpowers Russia and China have also rightfully expressed concerns over the THAAD systems citing America’s Asian Pivot strategy—which feeds off of Pyongyang’s oscillation between brinkmanship and detente—which advanced immediately following the UNCLOS arbitration over the South China Sea. Many shortsighted Western newspapers even admonished Park’s pivot to American defences, rather than focusing on the long-term specifics of doing so. “The appearance of elements of the US global missile defence system in the region […] can provoke an arms race in Northeast Asia and complicate the resolution of the nuclear problem on the Korean peninsula,” the Russian Foreign Ministry mentioned.

He Yafei of the China Daily also referenced two neocon American professors who cheerleadered for America’s Asian pivot and hailed it as “a superior ‘grand strategy’ to be applied seriously by the US in East Asia and Europe in order to contain the two rising powers”, namely by relying “on local powers to contain China’. If unsuccessful, the report advises the US to “throw its considerable weight behind them’”. That “considerable weight” was reallocating defence funds from backing the Syrian “moderate Mafia” and the Turkish pivot back to Russia, to creating mischief in the SCS in order to counteract increasing rapprochement between Japan and Russia, as well as China and the Philippines.

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TLD Rant: My Thoughts on Right-Wing Disinfo and the European Refugee Crisis

I’ve watched some propaganda coming from both mainstream media as well as purported “independent” sources, but I can say that, as a human being, I’m sickened to death by what I’ve witnessed coming from Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars. I was once a supporter of the broadcast, but I’ve given up on it as I’ve found a lot of right-wing vitriol coming from it.

The following is a montage of supposedly interconnected events revolving around the migrant crises in Europe, which, does warrant concern. Nevertheless, they all have a backstory to them that Watson has refused to acknowledge and more notably, use to his own gain.

I wanted to pick apart some of the most pressing mentions of this propaganda:

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TLD Rant: Owen Jones is a Humanitarian Imperialist

This author will never, NEVER mention what the Congolese suffered at the hands of the Belgians, the marginalization of their economy, the reason for the M23 movement, and the subsequent destruction of the country so that Western and Chinese multinational corporations can continue to extract rare earth metals. The London Guardian is by far one of the worst publications in Britain, with the journalistic integrity of a tabloid magazine. There’s no holistic approach in their papers; just liberal fluff and a complete lack of causality. This will simply be another way for the FUKUS crew to spread their brand of humanitarian intervention, just as they did in Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Yemen, and elsewhere, to occupy the place militarily and extract the resources for themselves.

I remember when they began writing in the usual fashion about the Kony 2012 casus belli so that they could expand the AFRICOM presence in Uganda. Kampala’s mayor, as well as many Ugandans, were outraged at the implications that Kony was alive and well 6 years after he had been ousted from the country. It is this type of writing, that excludes important facts and obscures context, that preys upon the conscious of misguided populations of sympathizers. No doubt, these situations are horrible, but they are selectively illuminated so that they serve their purpose to the capitalist elite.


Let’s be honest. We ignore Congo’s atrocities because it’s in Africa | Owen Jones