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Episode 34 – Peering into the Future of a People (Interview with Arthur Goodman of JFJFP)


E0034 – Peering into the Future of a People (Interview with Arthur Goodman of JFJFP) by The Last Defense on Mixcloud

Released: 4 April 2015

On this episode of TLD, we analyze the future of Israeli politics with Arthur Goodman, the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Liaison for Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Europe’s largest Jewish voices against Zionism. We cover his history with the organization, explicate the process of the recent Knesset elections, and express our knowledge and understanding of the situation happening in Palestine, as well as the international community’s shift in support from Benjamin Netanyahu as he engages in further dangerous hardline rhetoric and crimes against humanity.


Episode #33 – The Great Vaccine Debate with Alan Phillips, JD


E0033 – The Great Vaccine Debate with Alan Phillips, JD by The Last Defense on Mixcloud

Released 25 March 2015

On this episode of TLD, Mike Bielawski and Alan Phillips, JD have a heated
discussion on the physical legal ramifications of vaccines. We discuss
in detail the lawsuits surrounding damages caused by vaccines, go in
depth into the history of vaccine use in the US, and cover a list of
other problems that have arisen from the hidden ingredients of the
medical tyranny.

Happy birthday to TLD!


Wow… where to begin?

Firstly, I wanted to announce that it has been three years since TLD kicked off, and we’re very proud of what has developed. Over the last three years, we have managed to have quite an adventure, covering in-depth stories as the Ukrainian coup, vaccines, exposing the aberration that is Islamic State, and other amazing topics with our comrades and patriots in alternative media and news.

In addition to that, we have many updates to share:

  1. Links are online under the “Info Portal” button.
  2. Expanded the “Tweetin’ the Following” section to 12 frames.
  3. Can access the Pressly sections of the website.
  4. New profile for TLD and updated bios in the “About” section.
  5. New TLD Logo available.
  6. Will begin using Google + after the fuckers at Facebook shut down our website.
  7. Beginning an aggressive Twitter campaign to promote the site, including culture jamming and building solidarity movements.
  8. In process of updating all of the Flipboard issues.

    Most importantly, we are ever grateful and truly honored to work with our guests; groups like the Donetsk People’s Republic, LaRouche PAC, Stop the War Coalition, David Kelley, The Socialist Party of England, Borotba, Dean Henderson, Cultures of Resistance, as well as our cohorts James Corbett, Scott Horton, Broc West, our friends in UFAA, Webster Tarpley and many others. We could not do our work without your support, which inspires us to do more as we work together to fight the global empire.

    Last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank our followers, new and old, for being with us every step of the way. We hope that you enjoy the ride, so remember: the journey is far from over.