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Article: Grandmaster Putin’s Hard Lesson on Emptiness and Fullness

The ability to gain victory by changing and adapting according to the opponent is called genius. – Sun Tzu, The Art of War


Haneul Na’avi
29 November 2015

Russia’s two-month long battle against the Islamic State has proven fruitful and elevated her status as a champion against global terrorism, but while the country has much to celebrate militarily and economically, its successes eventually placed it at cross-purposes with a key strategic ally.

The “stab in the back” heard round the world—Turkey’s surreptitious downing of a Russian SU-24 as it flew in Syria’s northwestern Latakia province—not only cost pilot Sergei Rumyantsev his life and constituted a war crime under Article 51 of the UN Charter, but reveals Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s ambivalent geopolitical ambitions. Turkey has become a servant of too many masters, forcing the ruling AKP in a predicament that it may not be able to control later.

On October 6, Reuters reported that “a MIG-29 fighter jet of unknown nationality and Syria-based missile systems ‘interfered’ with eight Turkish F-16 jets patrolling along the Syrian border”, yet a Middle East Monitor article shifted focus on Ankara’s concerns to a Russian Su-24 by stating that, in a press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, “the military did not specify the type of plane but Turkish presidential sources and the Russian Ministry of Defense identified the aircraft as a Russian SU-24”. This created the perfect conditions for the Nov. 24 takedown of the Su-24, as the Syrian Arab Army commonly uses MIG-29 fighter jets, but Russia’s Sukhoi-24 fighters could come under Ankara’s crosshairs to escalate future provocations. In the article MEMO sources, they do not specify the type of plane which caused the provocation.

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TLD Rant: Turkey’s Transgressions


Looks like the tail end of the Silk Road has been cut off, and good riddance. Erdogan proves once again that he is not to be trusted; Russia should simply cut its losses with this Caliphate-coddling nation while it still can.

What the country has done is an act of war, and can only be added to its repertoire of duplicitous treachery. When it is not killing members of the PKK and YGP, filling up its tanks at the ISIS Petrol Shoppe, or bromancing with al-Bagdhadi, it’s asserting its NATO foothold in Syria as it did when raiding northern Syria and shooting friendly targets (two, in fact). Even the childish and completely incompetent New York Times recognises the belligerence of Erdogan’s growing dictatorship:

“NATO countries have been concerned about Mr. Erdogan’s increasingly authoritarian tendencies for some time, and NATO officials acknowledge that Turkey’s agenda in Syria does not always match that of Washington, Britain or France — let alone Russia.”

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Turkish TV Interviews Syrian Refugees: We Will Return Home!

These people are beautiful. After escaping the Hell of the “Free Syrian Army”, better know as al-Jabrat al-Nursra/ Islamic State/ Fascist-Supported Army (FSA), these people are speaking the truth about what it means to be Syrian.

They defend the Syrian Arab Army, their leader Bashar al-Assad, tell the truth about the groups who are fighting on the ground, and defend their homeland with the hopes to return. That says a lot about being a community with one purpose, one destiny, that are willing to overcome the obstacles set on them by external saboteurs.

It is of utter importance that people learn to speak to those within the story. To have a lens focusing the light of Truth is the same as obscuring your vision entirely.

Blessings to Mimi al-Laham for posting this wonderful video.