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Shut down, but not out: How can Russia Today triumph over NatWest?

“There is an imperialism that deserves all [honour] and respect — an imperialism of service in the discharge of great duties. But with too many it is the sense of domination and aggrandisement, the glorification of power. The price of peace is eternal vigilance”.

— Leonard H. Courtney, President of the British Statistical Society

The ongoing bickering between Russia’s RT news channel and Royal Bank of Scotland subsidy NatWest has polarised into polemics over freedom of speech on one end, and baseless drivel on the other.

Without explaining itself for weeks, then finally citing ’poor ratings’, NatWest officially severed ties with RT, leaving the channel’s employees and supporters reeling in confusion and anger.

“We only wish the UK government and its crony bank would grow a pair, and just admit that they are trying to shut down RT’s operations in the UK because the United States and VP Joe Biden gave then the order to do so,” The Duran’s Alex Christoforou exclaimed.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also expressed condemnation:

“Actions of this sort […] by the UK media regulator, OFCOM, are part of attempts to oust from the British media space an internationally popular broadcaster that offers an alternative point of view on global affairs”.

RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan

It is certainly questionable that 4 billion viewers—over 65 times the UK population before triggering Article 50—qualifies as ‘poor ratings’ by OFCOM standards. Notwithstanding concerns of a post-Brexit economy, NatWest chose falling on its sword over keeping the British economy afloat.

This was evidenced by a wave of solidarity voiced by British citizens, businessmen, trade unions and fans of RT, prompting ridicule and even threats to close NatWest accounts.

“Dear #NatWest you should stick 2 #banking & not try 2dictate our politics. I’ve just closed my account in view of you blocking,” one commentator tweeted.

The Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB-ML) even initiated protests in front of NatWest and RBS branches across Birmingham and London, and released a full statement in response.

“The BBC and the corporate media are constantly attempting to prepare British people for a military confrontation with Russia, which would be catastrophic for British workers,” the organisation mentioned.

“We must not allow such blatant bias and propaganda to go unchallenged, [and] fight the interference of NatWest in the affairs of Russia Today which operates legally and fairly in Britain.”

Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB-ML) cadres protest in front of a Birmingham NatWest Branch [Photo: CPGB-ML]

A London CPGB-ML cadre highlighted during a RUPTLY interview:

“RT is a fantastic source of news that gives a different side of the story from most other media outlets. If you say that you have freedom of speech, democracy, and freedom of the press, it’s important to have a variety of sources […] We saw the same thing happen last year when we saw the Cooperative bank shut down the Palestine Solidarity Campaign accounts.”

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Corbynomics 101: An #AllRiot Primer

Hey guys,

I’ve been working on a project for the amazing team at AllRiot, in which we put together a summary of Labour MP and leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn’s economic policy. We couldn’t be just all smiles about his agenda, so we gave it a critical analysis in order to determine just how feasible it really is.

It details two points of his three-point strategy for reinvigorating the workforce, nationalising the Bank of England, and using “People’s Quantitative Easing” to fund critical infrastructure and social commons’ projects. By doing so, Corbyn aims to break the trend of austerity and zero-growth economics so viciously practiced by both the Tory and centre-right members of Labour (David Cameron, Ed Miliband and George Osborne, especially).

By far, we think that he is the essence of Labour. He is a candidate of principle, who is working to create a cogent plan for the future of Britain’s working and middle class. This is what Labour has stood for for generations, and with his leadership, he can help the party return back to its Socialist roots; something that can help the UK become an example to countries worldwide.

In light of our support for Corbyn, we’ve made this revolutionary t-shirt to commemorate his bid for Labour leadership. As the nation goes to the polls today, kindly share this meme, support the campaign, spread the word and get out to the polls. The future of Britain is calling.




Corbynomics 101: An #AllRiot Primer